Watch Trailer for a Documentary Entirely Focused on Holocaust Jokes, “The Last Laugh”

There have been a number of documentaries over the years on where the “line” is in comedy and comedy’s role in pushing the boundaries artistically, culturally, socio-politically, etc. 

Few, if any, have ever focused on a single seemingly controversial topic in humor like Ferne Pearlstein’s The Last Laugh does with comedy specifically about the Holocaust. 

From the trailer, you can see how relevant, on so many levels, this documentary can be. Interviews in the documentary feature Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, Rob Reiner, Carl Reiner, Susie Essman, and actual Holocaust survivors all discussing the importance of joking about such a ghastly tragedy.

Having made its way around the festival circuit, The Last Laugh rolls out into theaters on March 3rd.