LA’s in Portland (at Bridgetown)

The Comedy Bureau is actually taking its first excursion from LA this weekend to Portland for the 3rd Annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival!

Not only is it a more than reasonable festival to attend with $75 all access pass, but over a third of the scheduled performers at Bridgetown are currently based out of LA, many of whom I see at performing at various bars and garages and rearranged apartments on a regular basis.  Now, many of the best, funniest, most original, well-known, on-the-rise, and hardly known (even back home) comics from LA’s comedy scene and from several other places around the U.S. will take the stage for all of Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and perhaps some real hardcore comedy nerds who flew out from elsewhere, and the Comedy Bureau will be here at Bridgetown for all of it.  

I could make a long list like everyone else blogging about it is doing in regards to who is showing up to this thing, but I think it’s a waste, especially when Bridgetown was voted Punchline Magazine Readers’ Favorite Comedy Festival of 2010.  

If you really want to find when Kyle Kinane is going up or see Kristen Schaal’s name on the list of performers, then here you go:

Bridgetown Schedule

Bridgetown List of Performers

Expect daily recaps, interviews, pics, and whatever else the Bureau Director can muster.  For those back home stuck in traffic trying to come up with #obamatraffic jokes, LA news, comedy crawls, and open mic runs will still be there.

I won’t be at an open mic in LA to find new ways to depress anyone whose listening unless you’ll be at the all night open mic that’s here for Bridgetown at the Tanker.  Details on that to come as well, perhaps in live-tweet form @thecomedybureau.

Stay tuned.