Larry David Is Getting His Own HBO Doc “The Larry David Story”

The prospect of a Larry David documentary that follows his rise to some of the highest echelons of comedy success might be attractive just off the idea that you might hear and see Larry take a step back from his Curb Your Enthusiasm persona or any sort of bits or riffing that he is celebrated for.

Also, his rise from being a comedian to creating Seinfeld to following that up with Curb will undoubtedly be a tale that you’ll have to hear as any sort of person doing, involved in, or a fan of comedy.

We’ll get a portrait of Larry’s long and distinguished comedy career in the upcoming HBO doc, The Larry David Story, which is the latest in the row of comedy docs that have come out recently (Phat Tuesdays, We Need to Talk About Cosby, The One and Only Dick Gregory, The Comedy Store, The Real Charlie Chaplin). Larry’s doc ought to stand out as he is not only still alive, but still very much working and thriving own his own terms and at his own whims.

Case in point that this docu-special will be shown in two parts titled “American Jewboy” and “The Jewish Fountainhead” on Mar. 1st at HBO at 9PM (and HBO Max). Get a look of the “real” Larry David talking about Larry in the trailer for The Larry David Story here.