Pick of the Day: Lance Bangs Screens Recent & Archival Footage (in LA) 9/3

From Moses Storm‘s critically acclaimed debut special to Jackass to a music video made especially for the late George Harrison, there are seemingly so few things that Lance Bangs hasn’t done with some kind of motion picture camera. That said, there is so much in Lance’s archives that’s worthy of having its own exhibition in some sort of contemporary art museum that the general public haven’t ever come close to seeing.

That’s why it’s important to absolutely be in attendance whenever Lance does his every-once-in-awhile screenings where he shows a specially curated selection from his own personal archives, which, thankfully will be happening Sat. Sept. 3rd at 7:30PM at Brain Dead Studios on Fairfax in LA.

As if that wasn’t special enough, Lance will present special performances from Fred Armisen and Natalie Palamides, music from Britt Walford (Slint, The Breeders) David Pajo (Slint, Gang of Four) Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Head Wound City) Mike Watt (Minutemen, Dos, Firehose) and other special guests (as well as DJ sets by Chris Holmes, SAM i, and friends).

Tickets for all of this are $25 and you really ought to snag them here before they sell out.

Illustration by the one and only Dave Kloc.