Pick of the Day: LAMusArt’s Summer Comedy Series (in LA)

When it comes to going to the Eastside in LA, most Angelenos think about Highland Park or Eagle Rock or Frogtown, but often overlook the actual, O.G. Eastside, East LA. Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles have their own rich tapestry and culture that stretches much further back than whatever artisanal, small batch place you’re obsessed with on Figueroa or Colorado Blvd. (they are probably pretty great, though).

With that in mind, you’ll have more reasons this Summer to kick it in Boyle Heights as the LA Music and Art School is putting on a Summer Comedy Series on their newly built stage that will feature so much of the great comedy that folks West of the 5 usually get to enjoy.

That’ll include stand-up from Megan Koester & Alison Stevenson, improv and characters from Raiza Licea, sketches from Babe Motel, a live edition of the beloved podcast Bye, Felipe and a weekly comedy showcase to boot. This Summer Comedy Series is running from Jun. 23rd through Sept. 15th and tickets are $25 a pop.

Get dates/line-ups and more at lamusart.org/comedy and make sure you actually get some of the best tacos  around (so many of them are in that neighborhood).