Laffster Now Streaming Live Comedy Shows and Offering Special Interactive Auctions

Some of you might have heard of a comedy tech start up in Laffster over the last several months and some of the unique things that they were trying to do as a comedy content distributor/aggregator. 

Well, you might be interested to hear that they’re going into new territory by streaming live shows online such as a live taping of Walking the Room in addition to an accompanying interactive auction that would include, in this case, a personal 10 min. podcast ep. from Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony or a personal phone call from Dave telling you to go fuck yourself, like a nice mix of Ustream and Kickstarter for comedy

They’ve already done similar special livestreams with the likes of Gina Yashere and Harvard Sailing Team and it might be something to look out for if you don’t live in LA or NYC and especially don’t have patience/money to go to a festival.