Lady Bird Is Definitely The Best Coming of Age Comedy This Year (and Is Expanding Nationwide This Weekend)


It’s nice to see that a year that had horror do so well (Get Out, It, Trump), that something so sweet, tender, honest, and so, so, so damn funny can find its way into your local multiplex this Thanksgiving weekend. 

Apparently, we’ve all still got a bit of humanity left in us and Greta Gerwig, in her writer-director debut, not only knows how to coax it out, but also make you enjoy getting teary-eyed while doing so.

The whole cast makes the movie feel so real, as if you almost know all of them or facsimile thereof, whether you grew up in turn-of-the-millennium Sacramento, CA or not. 

If it wasn’t clear already, go see it whenever and wherever you can.

Also, being a fan of Saoirse Ronan, we enjoyed imagining that her character in Atonement grew up to be Lady Bird.