Greta Gerwig Looks to Have Cooked Up Something Special for Her Writer/Director Debut “Lady Bird”

For years, Greta Gerwig has not only shone in front of the camera as nuanced, complex characters, often in Noam Baumbach movies, but she has worked her way in collaborating behind the camera (she co-penned the fantastic Mistress America).

Now, Gerwig has taken full control of the reins with the coming-of-age dramedy film she wrote and directed, Lady Bird. The notion of being disillusioned with the suburbs, growing up Catholic, parents isn’t anything new, but the trailer shows a special touch from Gerwig (we should add that it’s one that has done well to work with Baumbach so much) along with what looks to be another star performance from Saoirse Ronan.

See for yourself here.

Lady Bird starts rolling into theaters on Friday, November 10th.