LA Podcast Festival Getting Bigger and Closer (In a Good Way)

Oct. 4th-6th isn’t that far away.

It’s actually next week if you were trying to do the math in your head and you definitely get your passes/tickets to The 2nd Los Angeles Podcast Festivalhappening that very weekend. It will now have an episode of one the fastest rising podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale featuring the voice of James Urbaniak, a giant podcast stand up show w/Dana Gould, Marc Maron, Baron Vaughn, Jake Johanssen, Wil Anderson, Karen Kilgariff, and more, an episode of The Fogelnest Files with special guest Andy Richter.

That’s in addition to the already stellar schedule including live tapings of WTF!, Walking The Room, Never Not Funny, Jordan, Jesse, GO!, The Dork Forest, The Crab Feast, and more. So go get your tickets already.