Apparently, Kurt Braunohler Will Be Driving a 14 Ft. Tall Butt Across The U.S.

Starting Tuesday June 30th, I’ll be driving this 14-ft tall butt across America. Because our country needs this. #TheLoveButt #BetterDumberFaster @comedycentral

After, getting a prank stop sign, personalizing greeting cards, raising money to pay a sky writer to write “How Do I Land?”jet skiing down the Mississippi for goats to be sent to Africa, you’ve got to wonder what’s next on Kurt Braunohler’s delightfully absurdist agenda.

According to his Instagram, he’ll be driving a man made butt that has a heart tattoo with “butt” written on it across this great land of ours starting next week. Presumably, this is the next thing to Roustabout-ish adventure for Comedy Central

If there is one thing that we know that will bring this country together, it’s Kurt driving a giant butt around. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon.