Buy The Bitter Buddha with Eddie Pepitone, Kumail’s Beta Male, Moshe’s Live in Oakland, Craig Ferguson’s I’m Here to Help, and Kyle Kinane’s Dancing Around the Shit Fire Today








It is definitely Christmas in July today with the horde of comedy DVDs/albums/specials that came out today. Hope you have a Christmas in July bonus from work to buy up everything including:

Steve Feinartz’s documentary on Eddie Pepitone, The Bitter Buddha on DVD with over an hour of extras and commentary by The Long Shot Podcast.

Kumail Nanjiani’s Comedy Central 1 hour stand up special, Beta Male on CD/DVD

Moshe Kasher’s comedy album Live in Oakland on CD

Craig Ferguson’s latest stand up special “I’m Here to Help” on CD or DVD

Kyle Kinane’s special taped at JFL Chicago with Bryan Cook, Ben Roy, and Brendan Kelly Dancing Around the Shit Fire from