For years now, we’ve marveled at the many stunning facets of Kristen Studards comedy that includes characters, improv, short film, and stand-up. There is always something wonderfully off-beat about everything she does, which is why we’re excited for her upcoming solo show Prolonged Eye Contact (apparently, there will be actual, intentional prolonged eye contact during the show too) at the Lyric Hyperion.

The show’s description, which we enjoyed, reads:

Prolonged Eye Contact is a an interactive solo show by comedian Kristen Studard about the search for love, connection, and approval by one performer with one audience. Kristen would like to be loved by you, monogamously. (She’s a one-audience type of gal.) What happens when someone won’t break eye contact? Uh oh, shit just got real. Through a series of characters, a game show, and an erotic encounter with a bee, Kristen woos you by opening her heart and her eyes and looking right into your soul. Are you ready to be seen? 

She has three performances that you can catch from Thurs. Aug. 23rd-Sat. Aug. 25th at 10PM. Tickets are $10 and you can (and really, really should) get them here.

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