Fox Developing Undercover Cop Comedy from Key & Peele Starring King Bach

(via Deadline)

It would seem that the worlds of sketch comedy and Vine meet at a single camera sitcom at Fox.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele undoubtedly had a lot of things come across their desk as well as their own projects after finishing up with Key & Peele. It turns out it didn’t take them long at all to move on to their next project as they are now producing a new project at Fox with one of the writers from their show, Alex Rubens.

Vine megastar King Bach (AKA Andrew Bachelor) is set to star as an undercover cop that will tap into the King Bach persona that’s gotten Bachelor over 14 million followers.

We’ll be curious to see what comes of all of this as well as if Jordan and Keegan will be in front of the camera in some capacity.