Comedy Central Does the Right Thing and Has Made Every “Key & Peele” Sketch Available Online

FYI, more than half of their over 300 sketches never made it online.

Key & Peele has forever made its mark in comedy with their trailblazing, gut busting sketches including Obama’s Anger Translator and the East/West Bowl. During the series run, only a limited number of sketches from the actual broadcast version of the show made it online where Key & Peele enjoyed as much, if not more, popularity than they did on air at Comedy Central.

Now that the dust has settled (i.e. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have made a movie and are involved in several other projects) Comedy Central has now had the hindsight to realize the true, long lasting, cultural value of Key & Peele. As such, they have overhauled the show’s site at to have every sketch, 176 which never made it online, available one click away. 

So, if you’re reading this still, you need stop fooling yourself that you’re going to do anything else but stream Key & Peele sketches all day long right here.