RIP Kevin Meaney, 1956-2016

Last night, one Kevin Meaney was found passed away in his home in Upstate New York at the age of 60 and, upon hearing about the news, many in the comedy world mourned at the loss of a man who was not only original and damn funny, but managed to do so for several decades.

You can see here Meaney, on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, really nail bringing talking about your mom on stage and doing an impression of her to a whole other level as well as getting a bit meta and absurd. It’s pretty amazing as is, but even more so as this set happened in 1989.

Meaney maintained that same bubbly, slightly off-kilter energy and cleverness, dabbed with some vulnerability, all the way to this set just posted 2 years ago. Keeping all of that up in the ever changing landscape of comedy is a near impossible feat and yet, Meaney pulled it off. 

Oh yeah, on top of being the sort of comedian who got did HBO specials and late night routinely, did we mention he was on the very first episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and was in Big?

Yeah, Meaney did a lot and you should take your time to pay respect/really get a kick out of his vast body of work.