Finally, the Kevin Can F**K Himself Trailer Is Here

Ever since we heard about the initial development of Kevin Can F**k Himself from Valerie Armstrong, Rashida Jones, and Will McCormack, which seems like decades ago at this point, we were so enthusiastically and completely on board. A satirical meta series about the stock multi-cam sitcom wife gaining her own agency and doing something about the hellish nightmare she has been stuck in with a slacker, overweight, dismissive, yet “lovable” husband? It’s like our subconscious, and, very likely, the subconscious of many who are sick of schlocky formulaic family sitcoms are finally getting realized.

As far as we can see, this is a much needed response to the plethora of outdated multi-cams where wives were one-dimensional and always way out of the league of their husbands (just check out most Kevin James led sitcoms).

Having Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy take on the lead role had us even more excited for what was to come for the show destined for AMC. Now, we all finally get a first look at what’s in store for us all with the first official trailer for KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF that just dropped today.

Getting tinges of Promising Young Woman and Groundhog Day and we’re still very much all in for it. Look for KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF this Summer on AMC.