Please Get Katie Hughes’ Debut Album “Queen of the Castle”

Because of the restrictions of the pandemic, we don’t get surprised like we used to with comedians that we’ve never seen live before that just happen to be on one of the many shows that we used to watch on a nightly basis. Also, there is still only a certain percentage of comedians that are even doing live-streamed comedy right now and the sliver of live, outdoor shows that are happening around the country (not really in LA still) can only be seen locally. Coming across something new, like all things right now, is harder than it used to be.

That’s all to say that it was very nice surprise to hear Katie Hughes‘ debut album Queen of the Castle as Hughes is based out of Atlanta nixing any chances to see her live on stage over the last several months. For a debut album, Hughes as charmingly self-assured and confident in her blend of personal revelations and wildly colorful set of assorted characters throughout her own life, especially for her very first record. Hughes’ specificity in her voices and writing about her journey from her growing up poor in North Carolina to dishing out her brand of artisanal, vulnerable silliness is so rich and really makes Queen of the Castle a satisfying listen. Again, it was such a joyful surprise to listen to Hughes for the first time and we’re excited to what she whips up in the years to come (you know, when stand-up comedy can happen like it used to).

Katie Hughes: Queen of the Castle comes out Tues. Sept. 15th from 800 Pound Gorilla Records. You can (and very much should) pre-order/buy/stream it here.