Please Get and Enjoy Kara Klenk’s Debut Album “Undefeated”


Over the course of several years, Kara Klenk has honed her great comedy chops both in NYC and LA and subsequently became beloved in both scenes. 

The energy of the two scenes are undoubtedly present in this album Undefeated as Kara presents a tight hour of personal observations and stories that pack plenty of punch, but also flow beautifully with nuance (as well as go down some weirdly specific and fun rabbit holes). Also, Kara is so self assured in her delivery, you do truly feel like your hanging with one of your funniest friends (but one who is naturally so as opposed to one who tries really hard to “be on” all the time).

Undefeated is her debut album, fresh off the presses from AST Records. You can (and very much should) get it on iTunes or on CD now.