Pick of the Day: Justice John Hodgman LIVE (in NYC) 6/29

Justice John Hodgman has always stood for the people where other courts, whether government sanctioned or simply on daytime television, fall short. This Summer, the Honorable Justice John Hodgman is coming to the people more than he ever has with a big live episode at NYC’s venerable Lincoln Center.

The problems that are very valid, but other lawyers and legal professionals would deem to banal for a courtroom will be heard by Hodgman and his bailiff Jesse Thorn on Wed. Jun. 29th at 8PM ET. Best of all, this show is completely FREE to attend (a true treat when it comes to being at the Lincoln Center). You can just show up or snag one of a limited amount of advance reservations.

Also, if you would like the chance to have your day in Hodgman’s court and solve that nagging problem that all your friends don’t want to hear about anymore in front of big NYC live audience, submit your claim here.