Pick of the Day: Julie Klausner: Medleys and Other New Variants (in LA) 4/29-5/1

The charmingly sardonic wit of Julie Klausner is usually reserved for NYC where she resides, leaving Angelenos to just obsess over her podcast, Double Threat, and TV show, Difficult People and experience her from afar.

Thankfully, Julie’s got a new shiny show she’s taking around including three nights at The Hotel Cafe in the heart of Hollywood. Called Medleys and Other New Variants, Julie has dug up some of the most delightfully obscure songs (one being from Kate Bush’s Silence of the Lambs musical for starters) and whipped some of her own “clevleys” (clever medleys) as well.

It’s such a special thing that Klausner is bringing to the City of Angels that the first two nights, 4/29 & 4/30 have sold out and there are only tickets for May 1st. You best get your tickets for $41.50 (includes fees) quick right here.