Here’s a Bunch of Judd Apatow All Over the Internet

In promotion of his upcoming film This Is 40, writer/director/comedy powerhouse Judd Apatow has been really hitting the Internet circuit, so to speak. Chatting with Conan and guest editing an entire issue of Vanity Fair has gone well, which should make for him being on podcasts and such just as fun.

Just over the last couple of days, Apatow has:

Been on the Nerdist Podcast

Been on the Bullseye Podcast with Jesse Thorn

 A video posted about the Judd Apatow Art Tribute show that he hosted at Gallery 1988.

If that doesn’t satisfy your Apatow fix until the release of This Is 40, then we can no longer help (that is unless some more Apatow news pops up-stick it around, your chances are pretty good)