Judah Friedlander Holds Up a Funhouse, Crowdwork-Fueled, Mirror to America with His Special “America Is The Greatest Country in the U.S.”

This week, Judah Friedlander’s latest hour of stand-up dropped in the form of what looks like Netflix’s most gritty looking stand-up special yet. 

America Is The Greatest Country in the U.S., like Dave Attell’s Road Work, is a compilation of several different performances, which gives you a true sense of what watching Friedlander on any given night might be like. You can see his cool wits about him over a plethora of nights pre- and post- 2016 election as he exquisitely does crowd work in NYC’s hallowed comedy club, The Comedy Cellar.

The thesis suggested by the title allows for Judah to satirically point out what makes America #1, spinning our issues of gun control, healthcare, immigration, etc. into positives. Taping it at The Comedy Cellar also brings in a very diverse crowd, often a bunch of international tourists that Judah uses to his advantage when pointing out “why” America, once again, is the best. That being said, Judah does have a few choice digs against Trump that don’t quite break from the premise. 

So, when get you chance, be a patriot for once and give Judah Friedlander: America Is The Greatest Country in the United States a watch.