Pick of the Day: Make My Day with Josh Gondelman 12/3

While the election is over and Trump is due for a harsh exit, the air still hangs slightly heavy as to what to do or what will come next, especially as COVID-19 still plagues our lives quite literally. For now, there are still small things you can do, even just make a single person’s day better in some way, shape, or fashion.

Also, you can watch comedians attempt to do that very thing for one of the kindest comedians around, Josh Gondelman, for a special live version of Gondelman’s podcast, Make My Day. The podcast indeed has comedians, in a game show format, try to cheer Gondelman up. 2020 has made that quite a feat no matter who it is, but it can be a whole hell of a lot of fun watching comedians, some of the most critical people on the planet, do it for other comedians.

There will be a very special live-stream edition of Make My Day on Thurs. Dec. 3rd at 5PM PT/8PM ET with the likes of other very kind hearted comedians Gary Gulman and Emmy Blotnick joining in the quest to cheer Josh up. Littlefield NYC will be virtually hosting and donations ($10 suggested) will be accepted for live-stream access. Also, a portion of donations will go towards Fair Fight, an org fiercely dedicated to defending voting rights.

Please go get your tickets for what might be one of the more heartwarming comedy live-streams you’ve seen in awhile and support a crucial cause.