Josh Fadem and Johnny Pemberton have collaborated for some of the most daring, silly, and wonderful comedy for many years over now. From being tied to each other by a rope and trying to perform at the same time to Johnny donning his now cult favorite Dicker Troy character, Josh and Johnny’s shows are always worth showing up for (even if you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen).

Thus, Josh and Dicker Break Bread, a “staged theatre production” (spun off from their monthly showcase where Josh and Dicker host many stand-ups and comedy folks while they do whatever magical riffing they do) is yet another thing where we’re not exactly sure what the duo have up their collective sleeves, but are fully on board for whatever comedic head trip that they’re going to take us on.

It’s set for this Labor Day weekend at Silverlake’s Satellite LA and you ought to get your tickets here.