Jonah Ray’s Literally Figurative Records to Have Its First Album Taping in a Living Room

The imprint label of Literally Figurative Records launched by Jonah Ray with AST Records is on its way forward with its first taping and it should be a doozy.

Not only is this first taping going to be the announced series of 7", but it will be recorded live at one of the most popular living rooms in the LA comedy scene, The Comedy Living Room.

Tues. Nov. 11thSean O Connor, Paige Weldon, Kyle Clark, Alex Hooper, Rhea Butcher, Matt Mira, and Jim Hamilton will get to lay their jokes down on vinyl and you can catch this moment in comedy history and what promises to be an overall great night of comedy for free.

Just make sure you RSVP to Literally Figurative Galaxy of Stars; A Live Album Recording.