Jon Stewart Officially Announces His Retirement, Sometime This Year, From The Daily Show

It was announced via press release yesterday and word of mouth that Jon Stewart will retire from The Daily Show at some point this year.

Jon made his official announcement and the beginning of a long, sincere goodbye at the end of last night’s Daily Show. He offered some comforting words for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart-faithful that have followed him for the last 17 years including “I’m not going anywhere tomorrow,” and, “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host and neither do you.”

He also said that he’s unsure of an exact timeline and only giving the months of July, September, or December as potential months when he might leave. Obviously, Comedy Central would want him to stick around as long as possible and get more time to find a replacement, transition them into being a host, and promote them as much as they can as to minimize drop off, if any, in The Daily Show’s viewership.

Even though they don’t compete against The Late Show or The Late Late Show in time slot, it should be noted in regards to figuring out when Stewart might end his rn that David Letterman’s exit comes in May, Colbert comes in September, and James Corden takes over The Late Late Show next month.