Without Much Musical Ability to Really Speak of, Jon Benjamin Has Made a Jazz Album “Jon Benjamin-Jazz Daredevil: Well, I Should Have…*”

Of the many comedic talents of Jon Benjamin is known for, singing or playing instruments or doing anything musically aren’t any of them.

However, that didn’t stop Benjamin from making a jazz album with actual, very accomplished jazz musicians playing along side him or, as some musicians might say, “carry his ass”. 

Coming this Fri., Nov. 27th, off of Sub Pop Records, Benjamin will releasing an experimental record of him attempting an entire jazz album entitled “Jon Benjamin-Jazz Daredevil: Well, I Should Have…* (*learned to play piano).

Let Jon himself tell you more about the project and, most importantly, why he’s doing it.

If you’re a fan of avant garde jazz and experimental comedy, like we are, you can pre-order this record from Sub Pop right now.