Please Get Johnny Pemberton’s “Recorded For Quality Assurance”, An Entire Album of Trippy Prank Calls


The act of actually calling people on the phone is something that happens less and less and, consequently, it’s something that’s less expected these days. 

So, that might just be the perfect setting for a set of prank calls, especially for someone as marvelously subversive as Johnny Pemberton

Indeed, Recorded For Quality Assurance is indeed a collection of prank calls that comes as a surprise from as many angles as possible. Johnny blindsides his callers, gets blindsided by a few of the callers, and even, in a way, blindsides you, the listener with the help of a few audio tricks up Pemberton’s sleeve. Also, it’s a lot of fun to know that he apparently calls all sorts of folks including a strip club manager to a customer service rep at Halliburton. 

It’s a great listen and a reminder that calling people is a thing we can (and maybe should) still do in 2018.

Recorded For Quality Assurance is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and on cassette via SBI Press.