Pick of the Day: Johnny Pemberton at Nowhere 6/8

Johnny Pemberton is one of the most dynamic comedians to watch, no matter what he’s doing or where he’s performing. His wild characters and his absurdist stand-up were and remain one of our favorite things to watch.

In fact, we always will hold Kiss My Ass with Dicker Troy (a mystical truck driver/DJ played by Johnny Pemberton) and Josh Fadem at The Satellite LA as one of our all time favorite shows to go to.

Pemberton is set to do a virtual headlining gig at Nowhere Comedy Club next month and we have no doubt that he’s going to make something special out of the virtual comedy space.

Johnny Pemberton at Nowhere is set to go live at Tues. Jun. 8th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are $10 for earlybirds and $15 for GA and you can (and should) go get them here.