John Oliver and His Last Week Tonight Team Take The NCAA Down a Notch or Two (or Lots of Notches)

Wherever reasonable voices are unjustly being ignored, it seems as John Oliver and Last Week Tonight are going to make those voices heard. Whether they may be clamoring voters in U.S. territories or unpaid NCAA student athletes, they’re attempting to have it all covered and doing a bang-up job.

With The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament better known as March Madness looming along with its huge windfall in profit for many involved, Oliver made a damning report last night, and one of his longest to date, on how absurd the NCAA is being for not only making their student athletes forego any sort of compensation, but also making them live a life or ridiculous expectations for a dream that statistically won’t happen and could go away with one injury.

Watch, enjoy, get infuriated, and then enjoy some more the latest segment from Last Week Tonight.