John Oliver Trolls Credit Report Firms by Doing Exactly What They Do Right Back at Them

The extra mile that John Oliver and his team at Last Week Tonight go might be cause for a new awards category.

This week’s episode of Last Week Tonight had Oliver break down credit reporting firms and how they can, for a small, but notable percentage of the time, ruin people’s lives by publishing a credit report riddled with errors. One of the major errors is being confused for another person entirely and vice versa due to a somewhat, yet barely similar resemblance in the name.

Knowing that a bad credit report can make it more difficult trying to get a job, a house, etc. So, Oliver is giving credit report forms a taste of their own medicine by launching sites that sound like Experian or Equifax.

His team and himself have set up websites for, Experianne, and EquiFacks to highlight how the margin for error should be as close to zero as possible rather than just generally being low.

Not only are the faux sites great in name, but their made-up purposes are the icing on the cake.