John Oliver Is Shutting Down Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption Because People Were Sending Sperm Through The Mail

Our church is shutting down. Please do not send any further donations. For more information visit

Well, we guess some people, probably those being ripped off by televangelists, didn’t appreciate John Oliver’s pointed report on how they’re being ripped off.

Thus, actions were taken which resulted in John Oliver posting this letter at

It is I, Megareverend and C.E.O. of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption Church, Pastor John Oliver.

We thank you for all your kind donations, but I’m sorry to report that we have closed down the church. And let me take a moment to explain why – it’s certainly not because we have to.

We have still, miraculously, not broken any laws by promising you untold riches in return for sending us money. We’re also not closing down because you all kept sending us actual seeds, even though we explicitly told you not to. We’re closing because multiple people sent us sperm through the mail. And when someone sends you jizz through the mail, it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing.

So we are shutting this s**t down. Praise be! 

P.S. All previous monetary donations have been forwarded to Doctors Without Borders. We did not send the sperm.

While it’s unfortunate that this great bit of satire got shut down, we’d like to think Oliver and his team at Last Week Tonight will get onto something even way better than Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption very soon.