Oh Yeah, John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Music Hall Is Now Streaming and Is, As You’d Probably Expect, Pretty Swell


With Oh, Hello, co-hosting the Spirit Awards, Big Mouth, and more under his belt, John Mulaneys stock is already pretty high and expectations of him can easily rise to be equally as high. Still, Mulaney, in turn, rises to the occasion once more. 

Every one of his hour specials have been solid intricately collected and connected observations by Mulaney and Kid Gorgeous, his latest hour special follows suit. John performs on a bigger stage with a nicer backdrop and seemingly has a bit more polish and spring to his step this time around, but he’s still dealing out his whipsmart observations in his life (including as a celebrity, a human being, and, of course, being raised Catholic) like he’s been doing so well for years.

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is now streaming at Netflix.  

If that’s not enough Mulaney for you, here’s John breaking down a possible theory behind comedy’s fascination with Florida on Seth Meyers.