John Krasinki’s Some Good News Is Going to CBS All Access (With a Different Host)

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

We can’t entirely be sure if John Krasinski envisioned Some Good News, a show that essentially could have been a very involved quarantine project, instantly becoming a viral sensation and something that a good chunk of the Internet looked forward to watching, making fan art for, and sharing due to it’s wholesome and heartfelt surprises.

Yet, it’s hard to say that selling the show to CBS All Access is entirely surprising either. The appeal of Some Good News that stretches across several different demographics while still being family friendly is very tempting for a network to bring onto their schedule.

Interestingly, Some Good News‘ move to CBS’ exclusive streaming service CBS All Access will have Krasinski step back to mostly an executive producing role, leaving room for a new host (or maybe a rotation of hosts?). Our votes are for John Mulaney, Baron Vaughn, and/or Beth Stelling.

We’ll just have to wait and see what exactly happens as the date for this network version of SGN is TBD.