Pick of the Day: Get Your Pets with John Hodgman 5/14

Even after all this time and so many iterations of virtual comedy on so many different platforms and platforms on top of platforms as to make it seem you’re not watching comedians in their living quarters, one of the best live-streams to come from this time is, without question, Get Your Pets with John Hodgman.

Humorist/author/(hopefully) former deranged millionaire John Hodgman would indeed interview pets and not their owners/masters/parents on IG Live for an unbridled delight of a time. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, and more would get a nice afternoon chat with Hodgman and it’s truly hard to get more charming than that.

Hodgman did this series quite a bit at the start of lockdown, but went on hiatus in order to take on the several other projects on his very full plate. Yet, Get Your Pets with John Hodgman returns this Friday at 1PM PT/4PM ET as part of Maximum Fun’s annual membership #MAXFUNDRIVE.

Do not miss a second of it @johnhodgman on IG Live.