“Joe Pera Talks With You” Premieres Tonight and Should Be the Only Thing You’re Watching/Doing When It’s On


So often, shows claim to be “unlike anything you’ve seen before”, but Joe Pera Talks With You really does lives up to such a description. The kindness and innocent mischief of Pera has gotten to evolve into a “quasi-how-to show” that gets delightfully subverted by a narrative thread from Joe’s one-of-a-kind, weird, yet sweet sense of humor. It’s almost as if Mr. Rogers had a younger, stranger, but funnier brother. Again, it’s sincerely unlike anything else on TV.

Joe Pera Talks With You is simulteanously one of Adult Swim’s most wholesome shows (it’s almost entirely family friendly) and one of its best in recent memory.

With all of that said, Joe Pera Talks With You premieres tonight at midnight on Adult Swim.