Joe Pera Made an Adult Swim Special by Narrating Relaxing Old Footage and It’s Probably the Thing You Need Right Now

All of Joe Pera‘s comedy hits a very specific niche of being hysterical through being a very calming, peaceful presence. Very few comedians ever get to such a place making Pera one of the most unique voices in comedy today, whether it be with his stand-up, Joe Pera Talks With You, or whatever else Joe’s involved in.

So, Joe’s in the unique position to make the sort of comedy special that so many folks need right now: one with relaxing stock footage and Joe narrating in his with his down-to-earth angelic persona and homespun delivery.

Thus, Relaxing Old Footage with Joe Pera has born. It’s almost like a DIY comedy guided meditation and truly is very relaxing and silly at the same time.

You can actually (and very, very much should) stream it right here now.