Joe Kwaczala’s 31 for 31 Might Set a New Bar for Short Form Video

The shuddering of many video content companies like Super Deluxe over the last year or so leaves plenty of folks wondering what the fate of short form video and content online will be. 

Well, that future could be following in the footsteps of the clever 31 for 31 from comedy multi-hyphenate Joe Kwaczala. Not only is it 31 videos that span sketches, stand-up, short films, documentary, animation, and more (the 31 is for Joe’s current age, FYI), Kwaczala, along with the direction of Daniel J. Clark and producing of Liz Maupin and the help of several funny people of all kinds in LA, made this a Netflix-ish release event of his own. It’s a calling card, resume, and a whole bunch of damn funny videos free for you to binge at your convenience.

Also, it shows how the many varied facets of the comedy of Joe Kwaczala and how well he just might do if there ever was a sort of “comedy decathalon”. 

As we’ve already hinted at, this might just set a new precedent for short form online video.

To get a taste, here’s a trailer, then some choice selections from 31 for 31:

Official “Tainted Love” Dance Tutorial

“Meeting the Parents” 

“Remember Me”

What Happens Next?

Now, go ahead and watch the rest (or all) of 31 for 31 here.