Jo Firestone Really Does Serve Up “The Hits” with Her First Comedy Album (That Does Include a Good Deal of Controlled Chaos)


Jo Firestone’s playful spirit is pretty damn undeniable. In any of her work, Jo is always game for something where silliness can abound, knowing full well that things might go off the rails (sometimes at her behest).

This album The Hits amplifies said spirit as Jo freewheels between jokes, earnest crowd work, and dealing with the accompanying musical interludes/interstitials/interruptions of Arcade Fire’s Will Butler for what is one damn fine, fun hour. Though she might seem anxious at the bits and chaos that she has set up, Jo’s presence makes everyone so carefree that they’re willing to follow whatever absurd unknown Jo is headed towards.

The fact that she calls her debut album The Hits is a pretty good indicator of how dedicated Jo is to her sense of the ridiculous. 

Please give it a listen ASAP as The Hits is just fresh off the presses from Comedy Central Records on both iTunes and Spotify.