Jim Tews’ Oatmeal Is Another Fantastic Album That Marvelously Deconstructs Masculinity


For as much as the hysterical Jim Tews is self-deprecating about himself, his generation, his generation of men, etc., Tews shows that masculinity and being a millennial can be more complex and evolved these days than some stereotypes might suggest and still be so damn funny. 

For his latest album, Oatmeal, Tews really digs deep into himself, his fears, anxieties, peculiarities, but does so with charm and self-assuredness that it makes for several truly great bits and stories throughout the hour. It’s a great balance of absolute honesty, but not in a stark, take-it-or-leave-it way. Jim  maintains a quietly playful spirit throughout whether he’s talking about getting hit by a car or getting out a relationship or owning cats as a guy. This record ought to stand as a testament to how great it can be when men truly get in touch with their feelings.

Oatmeal is out this Fri. Feb. 28th, fresh off the presses from Blonde Medicine. You can (and very much shouuld) get it off of Apple Music here or Amazon here.