Jim Jefferies’ Latest Special “This Is Me Now” Is Coming This Friday

The last time Jim Jefferies seem to reach another level in comedy here in America was when he went on a rant on gun control in a comedy special.

With his next special “This Is Me Now” coming to Netflix on July 13th on the heels of his current weekly satirical show on Comedy Central, we’re intensely curious as to what Jefferies will be serving up. There are undoubtedly higher expectations this time around, considering that there is a trend right now for comedy to have a message of some sort, and Jim likes taking on traditionally controversial topics.

There is a teaser for This Is Me Now, but there are no actual bits from the special in it. As far as we can tell, Jim is poking fun at the fact that he has to “grow up” with his comedy while, in actuality, doing just that.