Jim Gaffigan To Perform for Pope Francis and Hundreds of Thousands of People at Festival of Families in Philadelphia

Gaffigan’s upcoming performance might be one of the biggest stand-up comedy performances in history.

Most arenas hold somewhere around 20,000 people and stadiums hold somewhere just north of 100,000. When it comes to live comedy, most acts top their attendance numbers around the 20K mark, even if they’re playing a stadium just for sheer logistics. 

That being said, Jim Gaffigan is about to probably perform for a much larger crowd than any venue could hold by performing up the upcoming Catholic Church’s Festival of Families along with Aretha Franklin, Andrea Bocelli, Juanes, and more being held in Philadelphia, PA next week.

Gaffigan revealed the gig while appearing on Conan last night and is definitely surprised at what he’s being tasked to do.

To give you an idea of how many might be in attendance, an estimated 350,000 people came out to the Festival of Families in Milan, Italy in 2012.

Let’s hope Jim doesn’t run into any of the same Philly crowd that Bill Burr famously did almost 10 years ago.