Enjoy a Summer Tour and Chili (?) From Jim Gaffigan

Not only does Jim Gaffigan have The Jim Gaffigan Show coming to TV Land and Comedy Central this Summer, he also has a new stand-up tour too.

The Contagious Tour will run from Jul. 16th-Sept. 4th. and visit these cities: 

Seattle, Porltand, Eugene, Redding, Santa Rosa CA, Saratoga CA, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Salina KS, Lincoln NE, Cedar Rapids, IA, St Louis, Kansas City, Rockford Ill, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinatti, Akron, Hershey, Baltimore, Washington DC, Portsmouth VA, Cary NC, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Atlantic City

There will be a special ticket pre-sale this Tues. Mar. 3rd over at JimGaffigan.com, but, more importantly, you might have a shot at getting some chili*.

Here’s Jim himself talking about the whole thing, chili and all.

*probably not