See Jim Carrey Lose Himself in Playing Andy Kaufman in “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”

1999′s Man On The Moon, which had Jim Carrey star as legendary comedian and performer Andy Kaufman brought Carrey to whole new level of method acting where he, seemingly, never stopped being Andy Kaufman whether on camera or off.

This documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond shows never before seen behind the scenes footage from the making of Man On The Moon spliced with interviews from modern day Jim Carrey commenting on what was going in his head.

For comedians, comedy fans, film buffs, actors, and more, this documentary gives a look, like you very likely have never seen before, of what really disappearing into playing someone else is like in real life.

See for yourself in the trailer.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, November 17th.