Day 2 of JFL Montreal

There’s so much going on, so much to see, laughs to be had by some of the most talented comedians on the planet at the JFL Montreal that there’s little time, at least yesterday, for sampling the local cuisine of Quebec. We literally just saw as many shows as possible and only left enough time in between to walk to the next one and nothing else.

Namely, Glenn Wool, the nomadic comedian brings a ferocity to comedy that’s rarely seen ever. With his ragged denim jeans and his gatsby hat, Wool maintained a swagger normally reserved for lead singers in touring stadium acts during his whole show “No Land’s Man” at the Cleopatra Cafe. His presence is so commanding and, at times, it feels as though he is bellowing the comedic truths of the world with no need for a microphone. Yet, with such a powerful persona, Wool’s makes a point to be inclusive as possible with his material, ensuring at every turn that it’s OK to laugh since he’s a citizen of the world and has a greater knowledge than most what the world is really like.

At one of the coolest venues at JFL, Katacombes, which is a bar with an ancient mass grave theme, Sean Patton, Brendon Walsh, and Ali Wong took the stage one at a time as a part of the hilarious Triple Theat show. This was definitely a great opportunity to see some very talented comedians (they share several late night credits between them) do 20 solid minutes a piece before they, hopefully, “break”. We love that we can say, “We saw Brendon Walsh once take the stage to the Game of Thrones theme and just wave his hands and have that kill.”

Sean Patton, especially, deserves to be more in the spotlight. After seeing him kill it at Katacombes then at Neal Brennan’s Midnight Surprise, his absurdly-colorful and truth-filled comedy is getting very close to, if not already, being undeniable. 

Brennan’s Midnight Surprise was, even as steeped in watching live comedy as we are, truly surprising since John Mulaney (just had a brilliant hour on Comedy Central), Chelsea Peretti (writer on Parks and Recreation and one of the best Twitter accounts out there), Nick Vatterott (performer of one of the best Conan sets this year), as well as Sean Patton on the same line-up. The term “murderers’ row” was definitely applicable here. 

*We’re sorry that we don’t have any pictures of this, but, again, there’s so much great comedy to get lost in and forget to pull out your phone to snap a picture of Nick Vatterott doing a “ring tone sonata” on stage from behind second floor railing. Just visualize that. It was hilarious.