Please Enjoy This Recent (from the Before Times) Set from Jena Friedman

Before everything got locked down, there was a good deal of stand-up done in the way where it used to be done without social distancing, going out, etc. One of those collections of stand-up that was recently released, Taking the Stage, comes from Comedy Central x Refinery 29 and just so happens to feature one of our all time favorites, Jena Friedman.

Jena Friedman has always managed to find comedy right in and around the edge. Impeccable writing, pinpoint delivery, and an unflappable sense of composure have served her dark sense of humor very well. While this set does revel in dark, prescient humor, it’s intriguing to see and hear it right now when, comparatively, it seems somewhat less dark.

In any case, Jena delivered a splendid set. Please enjoy her it here.