Please Enjoy Jena Friedman’s Darkly Funny Cooking Show “The Joy of Quarantine”

During quarantine, many comedians have turned to doing their own impromptu cooking shows like Amy Schumer and Iliza Shlesinger, often with help from partners that are actual chefs, or even the bolder Syd Can Cook with Sydnee Washington where she only gets helps from other comedians over Instagram Live.

We’d like to point you to a cooking show with Jena Friedman called The Joy of Quarantine that was shot at the beginning of lockdown. Friedman isn’t a professional chef like in a similar fashion to these other comedian driven cooking shows, but Friedman’s dark sense of humor weaves its way throughout unlike we’ve seen in, well, any cooking show really (who else names a chicken Hitler before gutting it?). Also unique to Friedman’s cooking series is the fact that her boyfriend refuses to have his face shown on camera and she is only using recipes that have Ashkenazi Jewish origins, often doing so for the first time.

It’s our flavor of cooking show as the existential dread is so present in our lives after four months in quarantine.

So, with all of that said, please enjoy Jena’s The Joy of Quarantine here.