Yes, Jena Friedman Picks Apart the Sexual Proclivities In and Around Murder Cases in “Indefensible” (Exclusive Clip)

Jena Friedman is doing the work of whatever higher power you believe in with her brand new SundanceTV true crime comedy series, Indefensible. She is not only succinctly and very sharply going in as investigative journalist revisiting horrifically botched murder cases, but sticking some satiric truth to some of the faces responsible for justice not being served to known and convicted killers.

A la her work on Soft Focus, Jena is so deft in her back-and-forth with many of the lawyers and experts that she interviews, they’re left in a pocket of absurdity that’s so funny, yet so representative of how the American legal system currently functions.

Take a gander at how Jena follows the strangeness of this interview with a defense attorney in a particularly heinous murder case in regards to sexual habits of middle aged men here in this exclusive clip.

Then, make sure you mark your calendars (or cork board full of red string) for Thurs. Oct. 14th at 11PM on Sundance TV for the series premiere of Indefensible.