And Now For a Cathartic Election Day Web Series from Jena Friedman

While Jena Friedman is going to be on Stephen Colbert’s Election Night special on Showtime that you’ll be able to check out later this evening (provided that you’re not cutting yourself off from all media to stay sane for the next couple of days), you can and should watch her very own exclusive, Election Day 2020 web series that you could almost think of as a handful of splendid segments on one of her Adult Swim Soft Focus specials.

She posted all four episodes early this morning and they don’t disappoint as they feature Jena drunkenly calling her local reps, checking in with the deranged former cybersecurity mogul John McAfee, and cameo appearances from her irresistible pooch, Potato.

As we head into the part of Election Day that people are going to hone in on returns (even through the unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots will postpone final results for awhile), please get some catharsis and joy from Jena here.