Watch Jena Friedman Dissect One of Her Fantastic Conan Sets on “The Set Up”

Team Coco’s exclusive series, The Set Up, that gives a never-before-seen in-depth look into what goes into putting a late night stand-up set has its latest episode featuring one of our all time favorites and a comedian particularly mastered at dark comedy, Jena Friedman.

Friedman and Conan booker J.P. Buck go over a marvelous set Jena had on Conan years back where she specifically focused on the topic of America’s obsession with true crime. Per usual with Jena, she attacked the premise at all angles and planted punchlines at every twist and turn, while continuing to nail the topic the whole time (a rarity in late night sets). Jena details the amount of work, even up to the last second, and risks she took for the set, which hopefully makes you appreciate how effortless it all seems when it was taped on Conan.

Please enjoy Jena’s episode of The Set Up here